Easy Video Maker, quickly create, make multiple videos in batch

With Easy Video Maker, we can save a project as a Template, then we can always starting to create, make videos from the same objects, the program will auto keep or adjust object’s duration, position and effect, etc. videos can be mass produced.

Of course, we also can easy to Create, Make wonderful videos from our free Templates.

Here is a simple guide about how to use Easy Video Maker to quickly batch make videos, or Click Here to view an video guide(how to mass make videos in batches) on YouTube.

How to use Easy Video Maker to quickly Create, Make multiple videos in batch

Step 1: Run Easy Video Maker, make the frist video or open a previous project, and save it as a Template(*.rzmmpt file).
mass make videos step1
Step 2: Simply press "Template" button to open the saved Template(.rzmmpt file), here we opened the Template "test.rzmmpt".
Step 3: In the left list, directly press Template item to add new items which will replace the original item, that will create new movies which will be displayed in the right list.
Please note:
  • 1. We can press "+" button after Lines to append new items to this Template.
  • 2. If checked this option before the Line, will set this line as Reference Line, Reference line is an unique Primary Key.
  • 3. If enabled this option before the Line, will auto adjust this Line Duration to be equal to the Reference Line.

  • Here we checked Video line as Reference Line, and pressed item "01 - my title 02" on Text 0 line, then inputed 10 new titles, so here are 10 new movies in the right list, we can press "Preview" button to preview each new movie, and press "Save" button to save these new movies as video project files, then press "Next" button.
    Step 4: In this step, we can preivew all new movies in the Timeline mode, if no problem, simply press "OK" button.
    Step 5: Now, all 10 new movie projects be displayed in the list, we just need to press "RENDER" button, will get the final 10 video files.
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