Easy Video Maker Free Video Templates

With Easy Video Maker, you could easy to make wonderful video from a Template. Please note,

  • You could press "Files -> Save AS Template" to save yourself project as a Template(.rzmmpt file).

  • You could press "TPL button" to quickly make multiple videos from the Template(.rzmmpt file).

  • You could press "Files -> Open Template" to import the Template(.rzmmpt file) into Timeline for editing.
  • How to download and use the downloaded Template?

  • Step1: Download a free Template from the last table, you will get a .zip file.
  • Step2: Unzip the .zip file, you will get a .rzmmpt file and all corresponding media files(videos/picture/audio files).
  • Step3: Run Easy Video Maker, press "Files -> Open Template" to open this .rzmmpt file and import it into Timeline, and then starting to create yourself wonderful video from this Template.
  • Easy Video Maker Free Video Templates

    You could download free video Templates from below table, and we will add more free Templates in the future. Of course if you would like to share your customized Templates here, please simply mail to us.

    Free Templates

    Template 001

    Template 002

    Template 003

    Template 004
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