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With Easy Video Maker, we can easy to make high quality 2D/3D Lyrics videos or Karaoke videos with various fonts, size, colors, styles, layout, position, special effects, mask effects, motion effects, backgrounds, music, etc.

Here is a simple guide about how to use Easy Video Maker to make high quality 2D/3D Lyrics videos or Karaoke videos.

And you can Click Here to view an video guide about how to make the best Karaoke/Lyrics video.

How to use Easy Video Maker to Create, Make a Pro-Quality 2D/3D Lyrics Video or Karaoke Video

For example: Here we will create, make a Lyrics/Karaoke video of a song "Take me home, country roads".

We had a right music file(example.mp3) of this song("Take me home, country roads"), and I copied all the lyrics of this song("Take me home, country roads") into a txt file, save as "example.txt" file, each line of one lyrics sentence, like below pic.
music file and lyrics txt file
Then we can start to create, make a Pro-Quality 2D or 3D Lyrics/Karaoke Video of this song "Take me home, country roads".
Step 1: Run Easy Video Maker.
easy video maker
Simply press "LRC" button to run built-in Lyric Video Maker, it provided an example lyric file "example.rzlrc", we can directly press "the bottom red Play button" or F2 to preview this example.
Step 2: Press "New", then select right music file("example.mp3") of this song, and right Text file("example.txt") which inculdes all lyrics of this song.
Step 3: Then we need to make the lyrics synchronize with music.
We can view all lyrics in the left list, and once pressed "Start Record" button, the program will play the music, when the music playing, we need to press any key on keybord to mark start time of a sentence, and release the key to mark end time. In this process, we can view all synced lyrics in the right list,and each lyrics sentence has itself start time and end time.

  • If the lyrics words and music out of sync, we can directly modify the start time and end time of a lyrics sentence in the right list, or press "Fine Adjustment" button to slightly adjust or insert delay tag.
  • Step 4: The program provided many 2D/3D lyrics/karaoke video modes, we need to select one.
  • 1. If selected "Karaoke Effect Show", we can customize the Karaoke overlay font color, outline color, shine color, shade color, etc. and press "Margin" or "Align" to adjust the layout of lyrics.
  • 2. If selected "Word by word", we can press "Font+" to add multiple font types, colors, sizes, angles, etc. even add a cool bouncing object(check and press "Bouncing Object").
    Or customize font+, layout and motion effect for each lyrics sentence in the right list.
  • 3. If selected "Best 3D Show", we can make wonderful 3D lyrics video, we can press "3D Rhythm" button to set the 3D Rhythm frequency and type,
    and press "3D Scene Layout" button to adjust the layout of the 3D lyrics, you could press "Predefined Layout" to simply select a cool 3D layout from the 8 predefined 3D lyaouts, or custmozie a new 3D layout by changing the 3D settings in the right list.
  • Step 5: once completed all settings, we need to press "Save As" to save this lyrics project as a Easy Video Maker Lyrics file(*.rzlrc), then press "Exit" button to close Lyrics Maker window, now we can view the saved Easy Video Maker lyrics file(takemehome.rzlrc) in the source file list, next step, we will make the final Lyrics video from this lyrics file.
    Step 6: Add this lyrics file(takemehome.rzlrc) onto a Text line, add the right music file onto "Audio" or "Music" line, add images or videos onto Video line as background. At last, press "RENDER" button to create the final Lyrics or Karaoke video.
    Please note:
  • 1. If selected "Best 3D Show", "3D Karaoke Effect Show", "3D Word By Word", "3D Sentence By Sentence" in Lyric Maker window to make 3D Lyrics or Karaoke video, we must choose "3D" tab on the Timeline area to keep all 3D Effects.
  • 2. If selected "Normal Show", "Karaoke Effect Show", "Word By Word", "Sentence By Sentence" in Lyric Maker windows to make 2D Lyrics or Karaoke video, we need to choose "2D" tab on the Timeline area.
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