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Easy Video Maker - Recommended 100% Freeware

Free Join Video

With Free Join Video, easy to join and link multiple video files together, and will get a new video file.

Free Cut Video

With Free Cut Video, easy to remove unwanted parts from video files.

Free Split Video

With Free Split Video, easy to split a long video file to multiple short video files.

Free Speed Video

With Free Speed Video, easy to speed up or speed down video files.

Free Crop Video

With Free Crop Video, easy to crop video files.

Free Resize Video

With Free Resize Video, easy to zoom out or zoom in video files, and will get new video files with new screen size.

"Easy Video Maker, All-in-one video editing software."
Easy to Edit, Create, Make Pro-Quality 2D/3D Videos/Movies - Free and Easy To Use !